ZUO Clean City Sp. z o.o.

ZUO Clean City

About us

ZUO CLEAN CITY Sp. z o.o. was established in 2002 through investments and foreign capital from Sirius Finance S.A. based in Luxembourg. Today, it is one of the three thriving companies based in Poland that are part of the Sireco group.

With comprehensive services, ZUO Clean City assists businesses, institutions, and individuals to dispose of their waste in a fast and cost-effective manner. The company owns specialized and modern vehicles. Offered public services also include street sweepers.

Our Offer

Our facility at Mnichy (Międzychód municipality) provides the following services:
• Waste collection and transport,
• Municipal waste sorting and secondary raw material purification,
• Waste recovery through recycling and the production of Refuse Derived Fuel,
• Landfill gas recovery and green energy production,
• Composting of organic waste and soil enhancer production,
• Waste disposal.

Our Goals

The primary objective of our facility is to reduce
the amount of mixed municipal waste
directly deposited at the site
by gradually rendering it harmless through
mechanical-biological treatment processing.
Hence, environmental education and promoting
selective waste collection among local
communities have been ZUO Clean City’s mission for years.


What types of waste does ZUO Clean City accept at its facility?
• Municipal waste,
• Organic waste,
• Secondary raw materials (plastic, glass, paper),
• Bulky waste,
• Industrial waste (post-production and post-construction waste).

Waste management activities take place at a waste sorting plant equipped with state-of-the art machinery and operated by qualified personnel. The facility holds all the necessary permits for waste management activities, as evidenced by the following decisions:

1. Decision SR.II-2.6600-7/04, Integrated Permit.
2. Decision DSR.III.7623-117/08, Integrated Permit for the operation of landfill section 2 for non-hazardous and neutral waste in Mnichy, including the modification DSR.VI.7222.46.2012.
3. Decision OS.6220.2.2014, Permit for waste recovery and production activities for the waste sorting plant located at the Mnichy facility.
4. Decision DSR.VI.7243.65.2011, Permit for waste production for the alternative fuel production facility, including the modification DSR-II-2.7243.49.2012.
5. Decision OS.6233.5.2014, Permit for waste collection activities.
6. Decision OS.6233.6.2014, Permit for waste transport activities.