ZUO International Sp. z o. o.

ZUO International

About us

ZUO International Sp. z o.o. was established in 2006 thanks to investments and capital from Sirius Finance S.A. based in Luxembourg. Today, it is one of the three thriving companies operating in Poland and being a part of the Sireco Group. The company provides comprehensive waste management and recovery services.

Our Offer

ZUO International deals with waste from A to Z,
starting from providing suitable containers,
ensuring logistics,
waste removal at the source,
recoveryor disposal,
and documenting the entire process. The company owns a wide range of vehicles,
including garbage trucks, skip trucks, low loaders,
gate trucks, and vehicles with extendable floors.

Our Goals

The main objective of ZUO International is the protection of the environment.
Therefore, the company carries
out numerous tasks related to recovery, recycling,
and environmental education. Raising ecological
awareness in society and spreading
knowledge about environmental protection
has been an integral part of the company since
its inception.


What types of waste does ZUO International
facility accept?
• Municipal waste,
• Organic waste,
• Secondary raw materials (plastic, glass, paper),
• Bulky waste,
• Industrial waste (post-production and post-construction waste),
• Electronic and electrical waste.

The centerpiece of the Kunowice facility is the Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plant, which plays a vital role in processing municipal waste. The waste undergoes a series of mechanical processes, including shredding, sieving, and sorting. This involves the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as the sorting of secondary raw materials for recycling or recovery purposes. Additionally, biodegradable waste is fractionated through composting or stabilization methods. The primary objective of the plant is to process the waste in a manner that maximizes its reuse potential.

The Kunowice facility operates based on the following required permits:

1. Decision DŚ.II.7222.47.2020
2. Decision DW.II.7222.25.2015
3. Decision DW.II.7222.40.2013