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Clean Earth and rational use of its resources are our common goal!
By sorting waste, you help us recover what is most valuable.

Sireco: Clean Today, Bright Tomorrow!

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Waste collection schedules are arranged in alphabetical order of municipalities served by Sireco companies. Click to view or print the schedule for a specific area. If you cannot find your schedule, please contact us.

About us

Sireco is a group of three waste disposal plants: ZUO Clean City in Mnichy, ZUO International in Kunowice and EKO-MYŚL in Dalsze. We have facilities in three voivodeships: Lubuskie, Zachodniopomorskie and Wielkopolskie, and our operations cover the whole of Poland.


Our priority is maximizing the recovery and recycling of secondary raw materials. Through ecological education on proper sorting and sustainable development, we aim to build an aware society. We believe that activating and educating children, youth, and adults has a positive impact on the environment.


We are actively engaged in multiple research endeavors, tirelessly exploring novel ways to utilize processed waste. Our commitment to ecology and environmental preservation is paramount. Our mission is to ignite a sense of eco-positivity and educate the residents of the municipalities we cater to about the importance of effective waste sorting.


166 kg of packaging is utilized by an average Pole per year
59 kg of recycled paper can save one tree
66% of Poles declare that they segregate waste
36 million tons of paper packaging is discarded annually in EU countries
100% of glass and aluminum can be recycled indefinitely.
25 PET bottles make one new fleece jumper

Our Offer

Sireco companies offer comprehensive waste management solutions, encompassing collection, transportation, processing, and disposal, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. They provide prompt, cost-effective, and environmentally sound waste disposal services to local governments, companies, and individuals.

Order a skip

At Sireco, we understand the convenience of renting skips for waste disposal. That’s why our dedicated team pays meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring we meet your expectations. Our Sireco installations are equipped with skip containers of varying capacities, catering to your specific needs.

Soil Enhancer

Sireco’s certified soil enhancers are a natural and ecological solution derived from composting biowaste. They provide organic substances and essential nutrients to the soil, serving as a sustainable method to enhance soil quality and fertility.

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Ecological education doesn’t have to be boring! Presenting ecology as a captivating and trendy concept is our winning formula for fostering an aware society!

Our companies have a long-standing commitment to educational activities and active engagement in local communities. We actively participate in events and, most importantly, initiate actions focused on educating people about the importance of proper waste sorting.

We have united the efforts of our companies and established the Sireco Foundation, dedicated to taking ecological education to new heights. We have developed comprehensive environmental programs tailored for local communities.

For more information on our educational initiatives, please visit the “About Us” section. Additionally, you can find details about our ecological events on the same page.

Friends Always Together

It is crucial to avoid mixing different waste fractions. Remember, recycling begins right in your trash bin, and it’s in your hands to determine how much waste can be transformed into valuable secondary raw materials.