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About us

Sireco is a group of three waste disposal plants: ZUO Clean City in Mnichy (along with Trans-Kom), ZUO International in Kunowice, and EKO-MYŚL in Dalsze. We have the status of Municipal Facilities (RIPOK) in three voivodeships: Lubuskie, Zachodniopomorskie, and Wielkopolskie, and our operations cover the whole of Poland.


Our foremost objective is to optimize the recovery and recycling of secondary raw materials from waste, while minimizing landfill usage. The synergy among our experienced companies enables us to leverage a comprehensive logistics infrastructure and state-of-the-art waste processing facilities, fostering enhanced utilization.


Through ongoing research projects, we actively explore new avenues for innovative applications of processed waste. Additionally, we are committed to promoting comprehensive ecological education on proper waste sorting and sustainable development. We firmly believe that engaging and educating individuals of all ages, from children to adults, plays a vital role in achieving the necessary recycling levels.


3 sorting and municipal facilities
3 composting facilities
3 alternative fuel production facilities
3 landfills
1 chemical lab
272 vehicles and machines
521 employees
4240 clients in the whole of Poland
1 Sireco Foundation

Clean Today, Bright Tomorrow!

Our Offer

For over 20 years, Sireco companies have excelled in the comprehensive management of waste, encompassing collection, transportation, processing, and disposal, all facilitated by cutting-edge technologies. Operating with utmost efficiency across Poland, they serve as reliable partners, aiding local governments, companies, and individuals in swift, cost-effective, and environmentally sound waste disposal solutions.

Our Services

Waste collection

Waste processing and disposal

Services for local governments and companies


Skip rental

Cooperation with organizations recovery


Secondary raw materials

Soil enhancer / compost (transport included)

Alternative fuel

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Request for Proposals

At Sireco, we continuously upgrade and adapt our installations to meet the latest technological standards mandated by Polish regulations and European Union guidelines. Discover our ongoing investments and find out about the suppliers we are seeking to collaborate with.


With years of experience, our companies have actively participated in educational activities and played an integral role in the local community. Engaging in events and primarily initiating actions focused on educating individuals about proper waste sorting, we have now consolidated these efforts by establishing the Sireco Foundation.

The primary mission of the Sireco Foundation is to elevate environmental consciousness and spread knowledge in vital areas such as environmental protection, water management, biodiversity, sustainable development, combating climate change, low-emission transport, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and air quality preservation.

To delve deeper into our educational initiatives, visit the “About Us” section, where you’ll find detailed information about our educational events.

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Sireco is all about teamwork—we work together for shared success! That’s why we offer our employees attractive conditions and a friendly work environment, recognizing their contribution to the company’s growth. As a Group, we put emphasis on the exchange of experiences among employees across our three companies

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