The Sireco Foundation was established in Myślibórz on December 7, 2022, as a collaborative initiative between three companies: ZUO Clean City, ZUO International, and EKO-MYŚL. Its primary objective is to promote comprehensive ecological education. These companies have a long-standing involvement in educational activities and actively contribute to the local communities by participating in events, sponsoring various initiatives, and most importantly, spearheading educational campaigns on proper waste sorting.

In 2022, we made a collective decision to consolidate all our educational endeavors under the umbrella of the Foundation. The statutory goals of the Sireco Foundation encompass the following:


Raising the level of environmental awareness and disseminating knowledge
in the areas of environmental protection, water management and biodiversity,
sustainable development
and combating climate change, low-emission transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and air quality protection.


Meeting the mandated targets for recycling, preparation for reuse, and recovery, while concurrently reducing the disposal of biodegradable green waste in landfills, in compliance with the provisions set forth in the Act of September 13, 1996, concerning the maintenance of cleanliness and order in municipalities (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2022, item 1297).


Fostering the growth of a civic-minded society and cultivating pro-ecological mindsets among individuals of all ages – adults, youth, and children. Encouraging pro-ecological social initiatives and facilitating an environment that enhances their impact by promoting exemplary practices and fostering intersectoral collaboration across scientific, business, local government, and legislative entities.

Free Flow
of Knowledge

Facilitating and promoting the unrestricted exchange of knowledge between Poland and other nations, with a particular emphasis on disseminating innovations, scientific and technical advancements, research programs, analyses, and fostering international study trips.

Taking responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting and disseminating knowledge in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and cooperation in this area with international institutions promoting sustainable development goals.

in legislation

Initiating pro-ecological legislative changes.

We actively engage in educational initiatives focused on promoting proper waste sorting, as it plays a crucial role in achieving higher levels of recycling, preparation for reuse, recovery, and minimizing the landfilling of biodegradable green waste.

The Foundation accomplishes its objectives through a range of activities, which include:

1. Organizing initiatives related to ecological education, environmental protection, water management, biodiversity, sustainable development, combating climate change, low-emission transport, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources (OZE), and improving air quality.
2. Educational activities focused on proper waste sorting, which is necessary to achieve increasing recycling rates each year, as well as promoting reuse and recovery, and reducing the disposal of green waste that is biodegradable.
3. Providing space, resources, and knowledge to support the implementation of projects and interests.
4. Organizing training sessions, lectures, conferences, workshops, and other educational formats to enhance competencies and knowledge for all age groups.
5. Collaborating with other institutions, organizations and individuals to achieve the foundation’s goals, engaging in scientific research activities, exchanging experiences, and organizing study trips.
6. Collaborating with relevant national and international authorities and institutions, particularly with public administration bodies, including the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, provincial branches, and the Polish Academy of Sciences.
7. Accumulating material resources to finance the foundation’s objectives.
8. Financing the implementation of individual projects, ideas, inventions, and rationalization initiatives.
9. Providing financial and material assistance to initiatives that promote environmentally friendly attitudes.
10. Financing sporting, recreational, cultural, and other events.
11. Organizing and conducting training activities for adults, children, and youth (both free and paid).
12. Providing services such as training, consulting, promotion, financial support, and information.
13. Promoting and actively pursuing actions that contribute to the accomplishment of the Foundation’s statutory objectives.
14. Engaging in various activities and initiatives that support the fulfillment of the Foundation’s goals.

Foundation Statute
Regulations of the Myslibórz Competition
Regulations of the Competition Słubice, Witnica, Krosno Odrzańskie